Subalansuotas Fuksas

„Subalansuotas fuksas“ is the traditional VMU camp for first-year students. It is one of the most fun weekends of the whole year, providing a unique opportunity to get to know the university, get a feel for what the student movement is all about, and help you make friends with older students and fellow first-year students. Legend has it that the friends you make at fuks last a long time!

During this camp, first-year students take part in a variety of discussions, games, simulations, learning, socialising and fun. No student is excluded, so the camp is adapted for students with disabilities.

The number of participants is limited, so only the most original, motivated, friendly and fun first-year students are eligible. And there’s plenty to try to impress everyone.

We stress that the camp is not a christening. The VMU Students’ Union does not organise any mockery or nightmare challenges for students, but only promises a fun weekend with the best VMU company!