Members of the Student Parliament gathered for an extraordinary election meeting

April 27 The members of the Student Parliament of Vytautas the Great University (VDU) gathered for an extraordinary election session of the parliament. During it, 2 members of the VMU Student Parliament resigned, and 2 new members of the VMU Student Representation Board were elected. 

At the beginning of the conference, item number 7 on the removal of VDU SA Board members from the VDU SA Board was included in the agenda. After this amendment, the agenda was unanimously approved. 

Two parliamentarians (Joana Gasiulytė and Ieva Vengrovskaja) expressed their desire to leave the position of the Student Parliament for personal reasons. Their resignations were approved by consensus. 

The dismissal of 2 members of the Board of the VMU Student Representation (Kotryna Rajeckaitė and Emilia Talutyė) was also approved by consensus. 

During the meeting, the candidacies of Matas Čepurna and Lauryns Samajauskas and their motivational letters to the VDU SA Board were presented. After the parliamentary votes were counted, both candidates Matas Čepurna (19 for, 3 against, 3 abstentions) and Laurynas Samajauskas (21 for, 1 against, 3 abstentions) were approved for the VDU SA Board. 

25 members of the parliament participated in the meeting of the VDU Student Parliament. The meeting was presided over by Monika Ražauskaitė, chairwoman of the VMU Student Parliament. Karolis Katilius, administrator of the VMU Student Representation, was the secretary of the meeting.

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