About us

Vytautas Magnus University Student Representative Office (VDU SA) was founded in 1994. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that represents the students of our university. The activities of this organization are based on publicity, self-government, equality and other democratic values.

The main goal of the VDU SA is to represent the students of our university, protect their rights and interests inside and outside the university, take care of the academic, social and cultural well-being of VDU students, encourage the academic community to be civil, and foster human values.

VDU SA also strives to be as actively involved as possible in the processes of improving the higher education system of our university and the country, which are related to students, their rights, employability, to spread information about studies and other opportunities that are important for every student.

The Student Representative Office of Vytautas the Great University is an organization that has about 100 members, is constantly improving and looking for new opportunities.