Lithuanian student card (LSP)

LSP is a Lithuanian student card - it is the only official document proving student status. 

This certificate will allow you to use the library and other spaces of the high school, and if necessary, you will be able to reserve the inventory needed for billing. You will also be able to use the services of the sports center. You will need this certificate when taking exams or at the time of settlement and connecting to the systems of the higher education institution to find out lecture times, grades and all other necessary information.


LSP discounts

The document is issued for the entire period of study and provides discounts for public transport

After submitting LSP, you can get various discounts for entertainment, cafes, shops, gas stations, travel and many others provided by the LSP partnership program. You can find them here

For the applied benefits, while the LSP is being produced, a temporary certificate is not issued.

LSP will provide you with public transport benefits - this means that you will use up to 80% of city public transport and 50% of intercity transport. cheaper.


LSP order

How to get LSP? 

  1. Sign up
  2. Upload photos of yourself and your personal document/passport; 
  3. In the "My LSP" section, select "Order a new LSP"; 
  4. Choose a convenient delivery method for you;
  5. Wait for the message about the produced LSP and go to collect your certificate!

LSP is produced within 1-2 weeks after placing the order and confirming the suitability of the photo for LSP production. If LSP production took longer than 14 days, contact


LSP price

In first-cycle (bachelor) studies - FREE;

In second-cycle (master's) studies - FREE;

In one-room studios - 20 EUR;

For short studies – 8 EUR;

In third-cycle (doctoral) studies – EUR 16;

In residency studies – 20 EUR;

In pedagogical professional studies – EUR 6;

Part-time students - EUR 6;

Re-issued LSP for the same studies (replaced with a new one) - EUR 6.


We remind you that the LSP is issued immediately for the entire study period.

If you have questions, please contact us by e-mail. by post


Karolis Katilius

LSP coordinator

Tel. no.: +370 647 33 317