We managed to agree on a more convenient connection with the Academy campus

For many years, the VMU community studying, living and working in the Academy campus has been troubled by the problem of public transport with the city of Kaunas. The main challenge faced by the members of the VDU community is the infrequent running of bus route 18, which is one of the main routes to connect with the Kaunas city center. 

In October, the Student Representative Office of Vytautas the Great University (VDU SA) initiated a social event - "Wheelcart Action", the main goal of which is to draw attention to the troublesome problem of transportation through creative methods and drawing the situation. The campaign, which has not yet been implemented, attracted interest not only from members of the University community, but also from the responsible persons of Kaunas city and Kaunas district municipalities. After long negotiations, compromises were reached after assessing the necessity of the frequency of the routes. "We have been discussing this problem for many years in a row, we thought that it would not be possible to implement it, but I am glad that the students' voice was heard, we proved the power of student creativity and we can provide the VMU community with more convenient communication with the Academy campus", - he shares the results achieved in the negotiation process the president of VDU SA, Emilija Drabužinskaitė, got involved.

We are happy to inform you that VDU SA has managed to achieve tangible results and since March 12. The schedule of the 18th bus route was supplemented with ten new route times. We hope that the new route times will improve the daily life of the community. 

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