Contribute to academic integrity 

Academic honesty is one of the greatest values in the academic community. The VDU Student Representation (VDU SA) organizes examination observations during the exam session, in which all interested students can become observers.

Academic integrity is a widely debated topic in higher education. Not every student understands the importance and benefits of being academically honest. "When we come to higher education, we aim to gain knowledge in our field. We mention our own principles when we sign off on settlements. I think each of us would feel insecure and confident when we come to see a doctor, knowing that the medical worker took notes during his studies and has not mastered all the knowledge he needs. This applies to all areas. So we want each of us to understand how important it is to be honest first of all with ourselves and to use our accumulated knowledge when settlements are made", commented Deividas Kairys, coordinator of academic affairs and representatives of VDU SA, when asked about the importance of academic honesty.

In order to help teachers ensure academic integrity, VDU SA conducts examination monitoring. Any student who wants to can contribute and become a student-observer. Deividas Kairys says that such observations are important to ensure fairness and help to facilitate the work of teachers-examiners, since it is difficult to notice every unfair act, especially when exams are held in a crowded auditorium. This opportunity not only allows you to contribute to fostering the values of the academic community, but it will allow volunteers to gain new experience and knowledge.

We invite you to join the ranks of exam observers. To become a student-observer you need to fill out this questionnaire. You can fill in the questionnaire until May 23. Registered students will be contacted personally.

If you have any questions, contact e-mail. by mail:

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