The VMU Student Parliament will gather for a meeting

April 25 at 7 p.m. The Student Parliament of Vytautas the Great University (VDU) will gather for a meeting, during which the organization's new work regulations will be discussed and considered.

Meeting agenda:

  1. Registration of meeting participants
  2. Opening of the meeting of the VMU Student Parliament
  3. Elections of the secretary of the meeting of the Student Parliament of VMU
  4. Approval of the meeting agenda
  5. Approval of the Work Regulations of VDU SA (Presented by: Emilija Drabužinskaitė)
  6. Expulsion of members of the VMU Student Parliament from the Student Parliament
  7. Other questions
  8. Closure of the meeting

The VMU Student Parliament is the highest governing body of students, which consists of representatives elected by students from faculties and academies and all study levels. In the Parliament, problems raised by student representatives are resolved and issues relevant to students are discussed. The positions of the organization (VDU SA) on the most important issues of higher education and other issues are considered and formed, the President of the VDU Student Parliament, the President of the VDU SA, the Board and Audit are elected or removed by secret ballot, the activities and financial reports of the VDU SA are considered and approved, and new VDU SAs are corrected or submitted documents.

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