The Spring Festival invites you to meet again!  

May 26 d. The Spring Festival organized by Vytautas Magnus University's Student Representative Office (VDU SA) and taking place for the 22nd time will rock Unity Square. This year, the participants of the festival will have the opportunity to see more, because we will celebrate Kaunas' birthday at the same weekend, so the entertainment will not last long. 

The motto of this year's festival is "From zero to the moon", and the theme is financial literacy. At the event, you can learn more about investing, loans, saving, get entrepreneurial tips, find out what insurance is and how it works, and even learn how to travel on a budget. 

During the day, there will be an orientation competition, during which participants will visit mini-seminars, will be able to communicate with specialists in various financial and business fields, such as VDU Minded, and practically test their knowledge. Also, at 7 p.m. A free closing concert will be held at Vienybės Square, during which bands such as Sepia and Begėdžiai will perform, DJ Nevykelė, who brought new winds to the music world, and Angelou will crown the evening. 

It will be a great opportunity to learn more about financial literacy and get useful tips for free, so let's see you on May 26. Let's have a good time together in Unity Square! 

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