VDU Student Parliament elections are starting: everyone can run for office! 

Students who wish to represent students of their faculty in the Student Parliament of Vytautas the Great University until October 25. At 11:59 p.m., an application for candidacy and a motivation letter must be submitted by e-mail to valdyba@vdusa.lt. 

What is the VMU Student Parliament?

The VMU Student Parliament is the highest governing body of students, consisting of representatives from academic departments elected by students of all study levels. In the Parliament, problems raised by student representatives are resolved and issues relevant to students are discussed. The positions of the organization (VDU SA) on the most important issues of higher education and other issues are considered and formed, the President of the VDU Student Parliament, the President of the VDU SA, the Board and Audit are elected or removed by secret ballot, the activities and financial reports of the VDU SA are considered and approved, and new VDU SAs are corrected or submitted documents.

The Student Parliament approves student representatives to the governing bodies of the university. With the majority of votes of all elected members, the Student Parliament can demand a re-consideration of the decisions made by the university's self-governing institutions on study issues.

How are the elections?

Each candidate is voted for by the students of his academic department. The elections of the Student Parliament are organized in accordance with the VMU Student Parliament on September 28. approves at the last meeting ,, VDU Student Parliament temporary elections in 2023 order".

For each academic department, faculty or academy, (according to the number of students studying in it) will be represented by the corresponding number of Members of Parliament:

Faculty of Economics and Management (EFF) - 6 representatives;

Faculty of Natural Sciences (GMF) - 4 representatives;

Faculty of Humanities (HMF) - 6 representatives;

Faculty of Informatics (IF) - 4 representatives;

Faculty of Catholic Theology (KTF) – 3 representatives; 

Faculty of Arts (MF) – 5 representatives;

Academy of Music (MA) – 3 representatives;

Faculty of Law (TF) – 4 representatives;

Faculty of Political Sciences and Diplomacy (PMDF) - 6 representatives;

Faculty of Social Sciences (SMF) - 7 representatives;

Education Academy (ŠA) – 10 representatives;

Academy of Agriculture (ŽŪA) – 9 representatives;

Doctoral students - 3 representatives.

Students who want to become members of the Student Parliament by October 25. 23:59 email send the completed form by e-mail to valdyba@vdusa.lt request and a free-form cover letter.

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