The Board of VDU SA is an advisory management body that takes care of the future of the organization

March 10 the report-election conference of the Vytautas Magnus University Student Representative Office (VDU SA) will be held, during which the Student Parliament will elect a new VDU SA president, audit commission and board for a one-year term. Those who wish to become a member of the board, until March 6. at 5 p.m. must submit a completed request and cover letter by e-mail by post In order to encourage and inspire students to apply for the Board, its current members shared their experiences, work done and visions for the future. 

The board is the strategic advisory management body of the Student Representative Office of Vytautas Magnus University (VDU SA), which approves the annual plan of the representative office, determines the strategic directions of the organization and carries out other activities defined in the Work Regulations of VDU SA. The chairwoman of the board, Solveiga Skaisgirytė, shares that during this term, "the VDU SA Board worked on streamlining the activities of the board, making the activities of the parliament more efficient, supervising the team, creating an alumni community, changing the statutes and work regulations, and other important issues of representation". Lukas Gedvila says that for him, as a member of the board, this "activity is important because, with his experience and knowledge, he can help the head of the organization to work together and do everything to make the tomorrow of the organization as bright as possible."

When asked about this year's activities of the Board, its members emphasized that this term they tried to fundamentally change the work style of this body, because previously the Board operated as needed. The chairwoman says that at the beginning of the term, they identified the topics and challenges they would like to work on during the term, divided into small working groups and started looking for answers to the best of their abilities. "We had monthly meetings, a significant number of board members were quite actively involved in SA activities and saw the life of the organization up close. Most likely, this is the most significant activity of this term - to discover ways to make the work of the board more productive." L. Gedvila is happy that "for the first time in the history of the organization, the board of the current composition, as a collegial body of the board, will also present its activity report to the Student Parliament, which will allow everyone to see that the board is an open, active and really important management body in the organization."

The current Board of VDU SA wishes the future members to continue the work started and to be ready to extend a helping hand to the president, team members and the entire organization in general.

All applicants for this position must submit a completed request and cover letter by e-mail by mail to until March 6. at 5 p.m.

Board elections are conducted according to Provisional election procedure.

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