Students will try on student shoes for a week

Students from schools all over Lithuania will have the opportunity to try on student shoes for a week at Vytautas the Great University (VDU). From February 19 to 23, during the "Students, be a student!" (MPS) project, students in grades 10-12 will try out student life, their desired study program and university.

In the project, students from various Lithuanian schools will get to know VMU's study subjects, teachers, university environment and student organizations. During 5 working days, students will learn not only how students can sit for 90 minutes. lecture, but also what VMU's associate studies are or what VMU's liberality and learning model mean Liberal arts. During the entire project, students from VMU - mentors will help students and share their experience.

One of the biggest concerns of schoolchildren is to pass the matriculation exams well and to choose the right field of study. If you are still thinking about what you would like to study or, on the contrary, you already know your future plans - MPS is a great opportunity to learn about the study program of interest not only theoretically, by reading the program description on the Internet, but also to try it in practice - by participating in lectures and informal activities.

Until January 1on the 9th students can fill out a questionnaire and express their desire to participate in the project.

Registration form:

The VDU Student Representative Office will contact the selected students on January 22. and the students will have the first student task: to create a 5-day schedule from the sent study subjects according to the subjects that interest the student and the study profile he has chosen. The schedule will be drawn up until January 29.

Later, the students will get to know the mentors assigned to them, they will be able to communicate remotely, and already on February 18, before the study week, they will have the opportunity to meet live in Kaunas, get to know the organizers and start the adventure of studying and being a student.

The project is adapted to students with individual needs.

Project participants who are not from the city of Kaunas will be accommodated in the VDU Academy campus dormitory free of charge.

The project is free.

Meals are not paid for during the project, the participants have to take care of it themselves.

Selected student-participants or their parents (guardians) will have to sign a contract.

If you have any questions, please contact:
by e-mail:

tel. no. +370 650 27 019

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