March 7 the head(s) of VDU SA and management bodies - VDU Student Representation will be elected

March 7 11 o'clock the report-election conference of the Vytautas Magnus University Student Representation (VDU SA) will be held. During it, the annual activity and financial report of VDU SA will be presented, and the elections of the president, board and audit commission of VDU SA will be held. 

The board is the strategic advisory management body of the Student Representative Office of Vytautas Magnus University (VDU SA), which approves the annual plan of the representative office, determines the strategic directions of the organization and carries out other activities defined in the Work Regulations of VDU SA.

In 2023, the following expressed their desire to become board members:

Silvija Malinauskaitė

Gustė Žukauskaitė

Greta Kuliešiūtė

Aistė Balazaitė

You will be able to get to know the candidates during the report-election conference.

In order to fill the remaining board seats, the situation will be resolved during the report-election meeting.

During the meeting, not only the board and the president of VDU SA, but also the revision commission will be elected. Candidates for it will present their candidacies and will be elected during the meeting.

The audit controls the finances and activities of VDU SA. Performs organization inspections and provides their conclusions and recommendations. The commission consists of 5 members. The members of the Audit Commission are elected by the Student Parliament for a one-year term.

Conference agenda:

  1. Registration of participants. 
  2. Opening of the report-election meeting of the Student Parliament of VDU SA. 
  3. Welcome speeches of the guests. 
  4. Confirmation of the chairman of the meeting or election of another chairman of the Conference.
  5. Conference secretary elections. 
  6. Elections of the vote counting commission. 
  7. Approval of the agenda. 
  8. Presentation of the VDU SA activity report. 
  9. Presentation of the financial report of VDU SA. 
  10. Report of the Audit Commission of VDU SA. 
  11. Approval of the report of the Audit Commission of VDU SA. 
  12. Approval of the activity and financial report of VDU SA. 
  13. Presentation of the VDU SA Board report. 
  14. Approval of the report of the Board of VDU SA. 
  15. Intermission. 
  16. Approval of amendments to the Statutes and Labor Regulations of VDU SA. 
  17. Approval of the description of the Accreditation Procedure of VDU SA. 
  18. Presentation of the presidential candidate. 
  19. Question session for the candidate for the position of President. 
  20. Presentation and questions of the candidates for the Board of VDU SA.
  21. Elections of the President and the Board.
  22. Intermission
  23. Presentations, questions and voting of candidates for the VDU SA revision commission.
  24. Announcement of voting results.
  25. Closing of the report-election meeting of the Student Parliament of VDU SA.

Members of the VDU Student Parliament and candidates for governing bodies are invited to attend the Conference live (VDU Didžioji aula, Gimnazijos st. 7), and all others to watch the live broadcast VMU Student Representation on Facebook page.

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