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Prabėgo „Moksleivi, pabūk studentu“ savaitė

"Student, be a student" week has passed

On February 19-24, the Vytautas Magnus University Students' Representative (VDU SA) project "Students, be a student" took place. Students from all over Lithuania gathered in this project had the opportunity to become students for a week - to attend lectures, stay in dormitories and get to know university life. The students not only had the opportunity to try the study programs offered by VMU, but also after the lectures they were cheered on by the Student Representatives...

Kovo 10 d. bus renkamas VDU SA vadovas(-ė) ir valdymo organai – VDU Studentų atstovybė

March 10 the head(s) of VDU SA and management bodies - VDU Student Representation will be elected

March 10 12 o'clock the report-election conference of the Vytautas Magnus University Student Representation (VDU SA) will be held. During it, the annual activity and financial report of VDU SA will be presented, and the elections of the president, board and audit commission of VDU SA will be held. The board is a strategic advisory management body of the Student Representative Office of Vytautas the Great University (VDU SA), which approves the annual plan of the representative office, determines...

Kovo 10 d. nauja pradžia VDU Studentų atstovybei, išrinkta organizacijos prezidentė ir valdymo organai

March 10 a new beginning for the VMU Student Representative Office, the organization's president and governing bodies have been elected

March 10 the report-election conference of the Vytautas Magnus University Student Representative Office (VDU SA) was held. During it, annual activity, financial, Board and Audit reports of VDU SA were presented. A new VDU SA Board, Audit Commission, and president of the organization were elected. After the conference started and the agenda was approved, Ieva Vengrovskaja, president of VDU SA, presented the annual activity and financial reports of her previous term. For conference guests and…

VDU SA Veiklos ataskaita. Metai pilni pokyčių ir tęstinumo

VDU SA Activity Report. The year is full of change and continuity

Ieva Vengrovskaja, who is at the helm of Vytautas the Great University's Student Representative Office (VDU SA), will start her second term on March 10. VDU SA will present the activities of the past years during the reporting-election conference. The president, her team and all the volunteers of the organization worked for a year to adequately represent the interests of VMU students and respond to their needs, both at the university and on a national and international scale. In the activity report of VDU SA, carried out...

VDU SA Valdyba – patariamasis valdymo organas, besirūpinantis organizacijos ateitimi

The Board of VDU SA is an advisory management body that takes care of the future of the organization

March 10 the report-election conference of the Vytautas Magnus University Student Representative Office (VDU SA) will be held, during which the Student Parliament will elect a new VDU SA president, audit commission and board for a one-year term. Those who wish to become a member of the board, until March 6. at 5 p.m. must submit a completed application and motivation letter by e-mail by mail To encourage and inspire students to run for the Board, the current…