Pavasario festivalis

Most people associate spring with the rebirth of nature or falling petals, but every year VMU SA brings spring to the Spring Festival, filled with loud slogans, interesting activities and ideas, and painted in yellow.

It is an event that has been bringing together not only the university, but also the community of Kaunas city for more than 20 years. During the festival, the topics that are relevant and interesting for both students and each one of us are discussed. During the festival there are various activities: creative workshops, sports activities, e-sports, social actions, debates and much more.

The project is distinguished by its bright yellow colour, its mascot Vytautas Pavasaris, its student initiative, its loud closing concert and its anthem, which sticks in the memory.

You can find more information on the festival’s Facebook account, and you can follow the funniest moments of the festival on the Instagram account of mascot Vytautas Pavasaris.

What will happen this year and how? Find out soon!