Monday 18:00 Organizing Committee meeting.

The Committee actively works with Lithuanian and foreign foundations to attract funding for various SA activities. It also takes care of the quality, fun and rich leisure time of VMU students. In addition to traditional events such as the Spring Festival or the Balanced Fuchs camp, the Committee also contributes to the implementation of academic and social actions. The coordinators of the committee are Erikas Balasevičius and Dovilė Imbrasaitė. Dovilė Imbrasaitė. 

Tuesday 17:00 Marketing and Advertising Committee meeting.

The Committee is responsible for the support received by the Delegation, and seeks financial resources for the implementation of events and projects. Committee members are actively looking for partners to provide better conditions for VMU students in different institutions and are making new friends with representatives of different companies. The coordinator of the Committee is Vytautas Čepas. 

Tuesday 18:00 Academic Affairs Committee meeting.

This committee is dedicated to improving the quality of studies and to ensuring academic integrity in the organization of studies. It is a committee that is always ready to provide answers to academic questions and to take care of students just like themselves! The committee is coordinated by Vitalija Jakubaitytė.

Tuesday 19:00 Public Relations Committee meeting.

The committee's function is to disseminate information about the activities of VMU SA, answer students' questions and messages, administer VMU SA's social media accounts, write press releases, and take care of the image of the organization. The coordinator of the committee is Brigita Baužaitė.

Wednesday 18:00 Meeting of the Social Affairs Committee.

The aim of the Committee is to ensure the safety and emotional well-being of the students, to develop the social dimension, and to create a welcoming and dynamic social environment. The members of the Committee are also concerned with the quality of the dormitory services, the financial support of the students, the university's favorable study conditions and the infrastructure based on the principles of universal design and adapted to all students' needs. The committee is coordinated by Silvija Malinauskaitė.

Wednesday 19:00 General meeting of the VMU SA.

The meeting is chaired by VMU SA President Emilija Drabužinskaitė, who introduces the members of the representative office to current academic and social information and news. During the general meeting, various topics are discussed about university politics and the SAA, and the committees talk about the work they have done during the week.

If you want to join the committees, please fill in the form or send an email to weather VMU Student Representation Facebook.