VMU Student Parliament elections open: everyone can be a candidate!

Students who wish to represent the students of their faculty in the Student Parliament of Vytautas Magnus University must submit their application and a motivation letter by 23:59 on 25 October to valdyba@vdusa.lt.

What is the VMU Student Parliament?

The VMU Student Parliament is the highest student governing body consisting of representatives elected by students from all academic departments at all levels of study. The Parliament deals with problems raised by the student representatives and discusses issues of interest to students. The positions of the organisation (VMU SA) on the most important issues of higher education and other issues are discussed and formulated, the Chairperson of the VMU Student Parliament, the President, the Board and the Audit Committee of the VMU SA are elected and dismissed by secret ballot, the reports on the activities and financial statements of the VMU SA are discussed and approved, and new documents of the VMU SA are adjusted or submitted.

The Student Parliament shall approve student representatives to the governing bodies of the University. The Student Parliament may, by a majority vote of all elected members, call for a reconsideration of the decisions taken by the University’s self-governing bodies on matters of study.

How are the elections going?

Each candidate is voted for by the students in his/her academic department. The Student Parliament elections are organised in accordance with the “Provisional Procedure for the Election of the VMU Student Parliament 2023”, approved by the VMU Student Parliament at its last meeting on 28 September.

Each academic unit, faculty or academy (according to the number of students) will be represented by an appropriate number of members:

Faculty of Economics and Management (EVF) – 6 representatives;

Faculty of Natural Sciences (GMF) – 4 representatives;

Faculty of Humanities (HMF) – 6 representatives;

Faculty of Informatics (IF) – 4 representatives;

Faculty of Catholic Theology (FOT) – 3 representatives;

Faculty of Arts (FA) – 5 representatives;

Academy of Music (MA) – 3 representatives;

Faculty of Law (TF) – 4 representatives;

Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy (PMDF) – 6 representatives;

Faculty of Social Sciences (SMF) – 7 representatives;

Academy of Education (EA) – 10 representatives;

Academy of Agriculture (AoA) – 9 representatives;

Doctoral students – 3 representatives.

Students interested in becoming members of the Student Parliament should send a completed application form and a free-written motivation letter to valdyba@vdusa.lt by 23:59 on 25 October.

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