VMU Student Parliament meeting

On May 24 at 6 PM Student Parliament of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) will take place. Student representatives will participate in it remotely. Student Parliament meetings are open, so you can attend by clicking this link.

2021 May 24, 18:00 session agenda (remote conference):

  1. Registration of participants
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Approval of the Regulations on the Activities of Student Representatives of the VMU SC Study Program Committees
  4. Approval of VMU SC Study Program Course representatives Regulations
  5. Regarding the formation of the working group for the direct elections of the President of VMU SC
  6. Regarding the Accountability of Student Representatives in the Senate.
  7. Regarding the progress of the paid trainees working group.
  8. Other questions
  9. Closure of the Student Parliament meeting

Vytautas Magnus University Student Parliament is the highest governing body of the Student Representatives (SR). Its members adopt, supplement and amend the statutes, regulations and procedural rules of VMU SR. Also, members of the parliament elect and remove the President of VMU SR by secret ballot, consider and approve the activity and financial reports of VMU SR. Members of the Student Parliament are responsible for solving VMU students’ problems and answering questions.

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