When are incentive grants awarded?

Student incentive grants are awarded twice a year:

  • In the fall semester – September 1st. until January 31st
  • In the spring semester – from February 1st. until June 30

Who is eligible for the Incentive Scholarship?

  • Scholarships are received by 20% of first year students in second semester with an average of 8.00, counted by faculty.
  • From the third semester onwards, 20% of students with an average grade of less than 8.00 but calculated by specialty receive a scholarship.

Do I need to apply somewhere if I am awarded a promotional scholarship?

If the scholarship is awarded not for the first time, you do not have to apply anywhere since the university already has all your details, but if you are applying for a scholarship for the first time, you must apply to the Department of Finance and provide all the details required.

If I go for an exchange, what is the scholarship for and for how long?

  • Before leaving, the scholarship is awarded for the first semester on a competitive basis based on the average of the results of the last session at the University
  • Upon return, the scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis based on the last semester of study attained at a foreign university and is payable from the date the following results are credited to the University in accordance with the following procedure:
  • from the first day of the current month, if the student’s results at the foreign university are credited to the University by the 15th day of the current month;
  • from the first day of the following month, if the student’s results at the foreign university are credited to the University after the 15th of the current month.

If I am a first year student can I apply for any scholarship?

First-year first-semester students receive the following incentive scholarships:

  • If the competitive enrollment score is greater than or equal to 9,500 and for full-time postgraduate and professional students 10,000
  • Part-time students at the Education and Agriculture Academy with a competitive entry score of greater than or equal to 9,500, and 10,000 in the second cycle and part-time professional studies

Where can I find out if I have received an incentive grant?

By going to student.vdu at the command section of the study section, you can find out if you have received an incentive scholarship.

What are the requirements for receiving a targeted scholarship?

  1. Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or citizens of other states and stateless persons who have declared their permanent place of residence in the Republic of Lithuania;
  2. Has a statutory work rate of 45 percent or less or a severe or moderate degree of disability (ATTENTION: Students with disabilities who are eligible for targeted benefits may also qualify for a Social Scholarship);
  3. for the first time after the establishment of a disability in a higher education institution:
  • a first cycle (undergraduate or postgraduate) degree program or a full-time degree program;
  • under the Postgraduate Program;
  • according to the professional study program;
  • under the third cycle (PhD) curriculum;
  • under the Short Study Program.

What is a social scholarship for?

  • are from poor families or single people who are entitled to or receive social benefits under the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Social Assistance to the Poor;
  • have a statutory work rate of 45 percent or less or severe or moderate disability;
  • are under the age of 25 and have been placed under guardianship (legal guardianship) or their parents (single parent) before the age of majority.

Where to apply for Social Scholarship?

Social grants are awarded by the State Studies Foundation. The application must be completed each semester at login required for electronic banking.

What tax benefits does Vytautas Magnus University offer?

Vytautas Magnus University provides the following tax benefits to students:

  • The tuition fee allowance, which may be awarded to University students who have a difficult social situation and an average of at least 8 (eight) marks in their final session after credit assessment (for first-year students, the entry competition score)
  • Accommodation tax relief, which may be granted depending on the student’s social status and residence in the hostel

In what other ways can relief be granted?

  • Students may also be granted non-competitive tax breaks in agreement with the President of the Student Representation and the Director of the Department of Student Affairs in the following cases:
  • for achievements in scientific, artistic, creative, sporting activities and / or active participation in the University’s social activities.
  • at the request of the student, from the funds at the disposal of the University unit, through the head of the unit concerned.
  • students without academic debts whose principal place of employment is the University, upon the motivated request of an employee, through the head of the department concerned.
  • Students coming through international programs and projects and bilateral interinstitutional agreements.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Department of Student Affairs

  • S. Daukanto g. 27 – 206, 44249 Kaunas
  • Phone (8 37) 327 977, (8 37) 751 175
  • Email
  • Internet Department of Student Affairs

Faculty Dean’s Office

Contacts of deans can be found at

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