Related studies

When can I choose a related studies programme?

Students can select a related studies programme immediately after their admission to VMU, before the beginning of the first semester. The related studies programmes are prepared following the terms and conditions approved by the rector. Students of the Bachelor (BA) and Master (MA) degree study programmes and students of non-degree study programmes (free movers) are able to select a related study programme. BA degree students can select a desired related studies programme before starting the first semester and can continue to study their selected related studies programme during their MA degree studies or as free movers.

When can I terminate my related studies programme? Is it possible to so if I have an academic debt?

The programme can be terminated after the first semester of studying the programme ends. It is possible to terminate the programme with academic debt, however, it does not get cancelled and the student has to rectify it.

Where should I inquire for additional information about related studies?
Inquire at Your faculty’s Dean’s office.

Am I able to choose any related studies programme of my liking? Do I have to choose a programme from my faculty?

It is possible to choose ant related studies programme. Related studies programme consist of subjects taught at BA degree or Law study programmes. Subjects that were studied at other programmes can be qualified as subjects for a related studies programme if they help to reach the goals set in the selected programme.

Can I chose more than one related study programme?

Yes, you can. Only one of the chosen related studies programme is free but you will have to pay for the second one. If the related study progamme gets terminated you must pay the tuition fee for the used credits.

How the related study’s programme credits are connected to the main study programme field?

The related study field subjects’ grades are counted to the total avarage of the grades. But the credits of the related study programme are not summed with total credit number of main study field (240 credits of the main field + 60 credits of the minors study field). The total amount of the minor study programme can be not less than 60 credits.
After finishing the minors studies you will get the certificate.

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