Do I need to register for C group modules by myself?

Do I need to register for seminars?

What to do if I cannot find the needed module while registrating?
Make sure You haven‘t done spelling mistakes or if the module type is correct (lecture, seminar, laboratory work, practice, course work…). If you still cannot find the needed subject, try searching by the name of the professor (you can find it in subjects’ timetable).

Do I need to register for course work?

Do I need to register for Bachelor thesis?

When does the registration takes time?
Registration for the next semester takes place in
There are three stages:
1st – 10 days before the start of the final exams of a going semester;
2nd – during the exams session.
3rd – in the beginning of a new semester. At this stage, students have to finalize their individual study plans.

Where can I check the modules that I have signed up for? Sign in with your registration number and password –> click on ‘Registration to courses’ –> choose ‘View subscription info’.

Is it possible to sign in/out of the module during the lecture?
No, registration is only possible by student itself using

When is the deadline for registration for coming back to studies? Can I do it later than others?
· Registration has to be done during the first two weeks of the semester. Important to know, that:
1. If student doesn‘t sign up during the first two weeks, promotion scholarship will be suspended,
2. If student doesn‘t sign up during the first two weeks, student will be crossed out of the students‘ list.

Is it possible to register for other study courses C group modules if I am not interested in suggested B group modules?
It is possible if You have free credits and the modules has to be from other study courses than the one that You are currently studying.

Do I need to register for the module from which I have a debt?

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