Academic leave

Can I take an academic leave for personal reasons?

Students, without losing student’s status, can take an academic leave (temporarily stop their studies):
◌ First cycle and graduate, integrated studies – twice.
◌ Second cycle – once.

How long does the academic leave last?

An academic leave lasts a year and it’s end, despite when it started, always coincides with a start of autumn or spring semesters. You can end your academic leave earlier, but the date of coming back to studies has to be a start of semester.

When can you leave for an academic leave?

A student can be given a possibility to take up an academic leave after he finishes his first semester and if there’s more than two weeks left until the exams.

When and how do you have to end an academic leave?

Students, who are coming back to studies after an academic leave need to provide their facultie’s dean with an application to come back after an academic leave.

What happens if I don’t come back to studies after an academic leave on time?

Students, who do not come back to studies after an academic leave, are crossed out of the student’s list after one month of the determined ‘coming back’ date.

Can I take an academic leave if I have a debt?

Yes. During the academic leave students can retake separate modules, in which he had debts, if paying for the retaking.

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