Exams re-take

When I am able to repeat the exams?

Student or a listener who has not passed the subject final exam or did not get the passing grade can re-take once for free and is allowed to take an exam for the second time after paying the tuition fee if the grade is 4 or lower and if the avarage of the grades is less than 5. Also, it is allowed then the student did not attend to the exam due to the reasonable excuce. Then you get caught on cheating during exam or you did not attend the exam for unreasonable excuse then you can not re-take an exam.

How many times can I re-take an exam?

The student, who did not passed the exam, has the opportunity to re-take the exam twice: first tme for free and second time after paying the tuition fee. If the final grade of the re-take is less than 5 then student must repeat the subject on the next semester after paying the certain amount of money, which is stated by the rector.

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