Emotional help

What emotional support does VMU provide?

  1. VMU Psychology Clinic provides individual, free consultations of professional psychologists. They are provided live or electronically to VMU students. It is available for people with various psychological difficulties to obtain this consultation, it is necessary to register in advance by e-mail: psichologijos.klinika@vdu.lt
  2. Personal Growth Group for VMU students to develop the inner world, to better understand what we consider to be valuable things in ourselves and in life that disturb or empower us. The subject, place and time of the group changes each semester. You can find the place, time, and topic here.
  3. Academic pastoral care helps with spiritual needs. The pastoral office offers a wide selection of classes. During your classes, you can talk about God from a scientific, academic perspective, opening up opportunities for a new and deeper knowledge of Christ, cultivating Christian determination and responsibility, and encouraging students to develop mature friendships as they come. The full schedule can be found here.

Who can apply for emotional help? How much does it cost?

All the members of the VMU community (teachers, administrative staff, students) who are experiencing emotional problems and who do not find the answers to the questions may apply. Consultations and workshops cost the VMU community nothing.

Where and how can I get emotional help?

  1. The Department of Psychology is located at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Jonavos str. 66, Kaunas, 326 and 327 auditoriums. Registration is done electronically: psychologijos.klinika@vdu.lt. Counseling can be obtained live or electronically.
  2. The location of the Personal Growth Group changes every semester, but you can find all the information on their website.
  3. Academic pastoral classes may be attended at a time determined by the schedule. Place: Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy: V. Putvinskio g. 23- 104, Kaunas.

Where and how can I get career counseling?

Consultation can be done directly (“live”) at the Career Center (S. Daukanto g. 27-301) or remotely (questions can be emailed to karjera@vdu.lt).

Pre-registration required:

How much does career counseling cost?

All VMU students can consult on various career issues free of charge.

What issues can I consult in the Career Center?

  • CV review with comments;
  • reviewing the cover letter with comments;
  • preparation for a job interview;
  • counseling on volunteering, internship or job search processes;
  • open coaching (awareness raising) interview on career issues;
  • discussing other questions you may have about your career.
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