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What is the order of issuing places of residence for first year VMU students?

  1. Sign the study contract;
  2. In the ,,Bendrabučiai” section of the website , book a place of residence from the list of free spots.
  3. Get a letter to the specified email account about the booking of the place of residence
  4. Sign the accomodation contract via internet ( not later than  days after getting the letter
  5. If the place of residence is given out for the rest of your study time, during the time limit that was decided by the SRT ( Student business departament)  you have to move into the designated residence of the dormitory
  6.  If the place of residence is given out for only the study year that is to come you have to move into the designated residence of the dormitory in 5 days after the residence was asigned to you

Who gets the precedence during the distribution of places of residence?

  • Students, who have been placed under guardianship (legal guardianship) before the age of 18 or whose parents were deceased.
  • Students with disabilities who, with the assistance of an accompanying person, may move into the dormitory with the permission of the Director of deprtament of Student Affairs
  • Students from families with 3 or more children under the age of 25.
  • Students that are under 25 years of age
  • Students whose parents are deceased
  • Students from families who have declared their places of residence further away from Kaunas city municipality

When do I have to pay for a hostel?

  • If the accommodation contract is for a period longer than 2 (two) months, the resident shall pay the fee for the current month by the 15th (fifteenth) calendar day of the current month.
  • If the contract is for a period of less than 2 (two) months (inclusive), the resident must pay the designated fee for the entire period of accommodation specified in the accommodation contract within 1 (one) day from the date of residence.

How much does dormitory accomodation cost ?

Fees vary and depend on the hostel. You can check it here.

How do I make a payment?

VMU students have to create their accounts (for studies, dormitory, etc.) to make payments themselves on the student portal ( → Fees) by following these steps:

  1. Create a unique account you wish to pay (eg VDU0140207365).
  2. Depending on the amount indicated on the formed invoice – pay it.
  3. If you are going to pay less than what you are charged – create only the account you are going to pay (eg if the assigned Accommodation Fee is 100 Eur and you can only pay 30 Eur then create an account for the remaining 30 Eur – you can pay by creating a new account).

IMPORTANT: All contributions can only be made to accounts created on the Student Portal. Contributions paid in another way – will not be offset.

For more questions about dormitories, please contact:

Department of Student Affairs

  • Daukanto g. 27–210, 44249 Kaunas
  • Phone number: (8 37) 327 977, (8 37) 751 175
  • Email:

Dorm contacts

In Kaunas:

  • Student dormitory no. 1 (Taikos Ave. 119) Administration, Phone (8 37) 353 964
  • Student dormitory no. 2 (Vytauto Ave. 71) administration, phone (8 37) 223 639

Academy campus, Kaunas region:

  • Student dormitory no. 4 (Studentu St. 1) Administration, Phone (8 37) 752 289 (8pm to 7pm)
  • Student dormitory no. 5 (University Street 8) administration, telephone (8 37) 752 256 (24 hours a day)
  • Student dormitory no. 7 (University Street 6) Administration, Phone (8 37) 752 252 (8pm to 7pm)
  • Student dormitory no. 8 (Studentu St. 5) Administration, phone (8 37) 752 262 (8pm to 7pm)
  • Student dormitory no. 10 (Studentu St. 7) Administration, Phone (8 37) 752 386 (8pm to 7pm)

In Vilnius:

  • Student dormitory no. 3 (Studentu St. 45) Administration, Phone (8 5) 279 02 90
  • Student dormitory no. 6 (A. Vivulskio st. 36) administration, phone (8 5) 213 05 09
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