A, B modules

What is the amount of time needed to finish A group modules?

The first four semesters (two years) of Your studies.

What number of A group modules I have to take?

There are four subgroups in A group modules. Student has to take at least one module from every subgroup, except the subgroup that student is studying in (minimum 16 credits). Student can choose from these subgroups:

  • Biomedical, physical and technology sciences
  • Humanitarian sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Arts

How many modules I have to take from A group foreign languages subgroup?
Min 12 credits – max 24 credits.

How many English language levels I have to take?

These are the rules for studying English:

  • the ones who start studying English from higher than A1 level has to reach C1 level
  • the ones who start studying English from A1 level have to reach B2 level
  • the ones who has already reached level C1 has to study higher level of English language or can choose other foreign language that takes no less than 12 credits

Do I have to study foreign language if I already reached C1 level in English?


What to do if I have free credits for foreign language?

You can use those credits for getting higher level of English, for other foreign languages or for optional subjects.

How many B group modules I have to take?

There are 16 credits for this group. Student can use these credits choosing not only from B group but from A group as well. Modules list is published every academic year.

Is it possible not to take any module from B group?

Yes. But instead of B group student has to take modules from optional subjects list. If student is studying in individual study programme Academia cum laude, then B group modules can be covered by individual study programme modules.

Do I have to take IT classes at university?
Yes if student:

  • doesn’t have ECDL certificate
  • did not pass the IT exam
  • did not pass or missed the IT test in University

Where to find a study timetable?
In studentas.vdu.lt system -> Registration -> Study courses -> VMU timetable

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