Dispute commission – what is it?

Did you know that if you disagree with the assessment and/or reporting procedures, you can lodge an appeal with the Disputes Committee?

Different disputes or disagreements can arise from either the student or the listener, or from the lecturer or staff member. The University has a Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) to ensure a fair process and decision. The Disputes Commission of Vytautas Magnus University resolves disputes concerning the implementation of the rights and obligations set forth in the Law on Science and Higher Education, the Statute of the Vytautas Magnus University, the Study Regulations and other legal acts, as well as the observance of the procedures for the assessment of the student’s (students’) academic achievements, which have not been resolved administratively or by negotiations.

On 8 March, the Senate of the VMU approved the new DRC Regulations. With the update of these regulations, a slightly different dispute resolution procedure was confirmed – from now on, disputes related to appeals on the assessment of study results, violations of settlement procedures and other gaps in research and study activities are dealt with by the unit DRC, while the central DRC deals with disputes related to more than one academic unit or that cannot be resolved within a unit.

The unit DRC is composed of 6 persons – 3 lecturers delegated by the head of the academic unit and 3 student representatives delegated by the President of the VMU Students’ Representation, thus ensuring equality and impartiality between lecturers and students and maintaining the policy of protecting students’ interests.

The Central DRC is also composed of 6 members of the University’s academic community – 3 staff members delegated by the Rector of the VMU and 3 student representatives delegated by the President of the VMU Students’ Representative Office. Members of the Central DRC cannot be members of the unit DRC . It is important to note that the composition of the Commission is approved by the Rector of VMU. The term of office of members of both the divisional and the central DRC is 2 years, and there is a limit of 2 consecutive terms.

Students, if you encounter gaps in your studies (wrong grades, inaccuracies in the study grid, irregularities in payment procedures, etc.), please contact the Dispute Resolution Committee of the academic unit in which you are studying and refer the problems to the competent persons. The DRC panels are impartial and objective, which means that you will not receive any hostility or negativity from your lecturers or the administration (either during or after the hearing) when you are fighting for your truth.

If you have any questions or concerns about the process itself, exactly where and when to go, etc., please contact the VMU Student Representative Office at info@vdusa.lt or akademai@vdusa.lt.

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